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Engine 43-1 is a 1977 CF Mack with a 1000 gallon per minute duel stage pump and seating for 7 (SCBA for 6). The engine was refurbished in 1996. SCBA available with 25 feet of webbing for each firefighter aboard. Engine 43-1 is equipped with 1800 feet of 5" supply line, hard suction tube, HAZMAT supplies, various ground ladders, scene lighting, brush fire equipment, bladder bags, various hand tools, and high rise pack. Engine 43-1 is second out on all structure fire incidents where hydrants are available and first out on brush fires and stand-by assignments. Engine 43-1 is also due on medical helicoptor landing zones (equipped with portable rotationg LED's).




Engine 43-2 is a 2000 Spartan/4 Guys Pumper with a 1750 gallon per minute pump, 1000 feet of 5" supply line and a 10kw hydraulic generator. Engine 43-2 has a 10 man cab (7 SCBA) with 25 feet of webbing available for each firefighter aboard. Two Thermal Imagers, BLS jumpbag, various hand tools, ventalation equipment, high rise pack, class A foam, gas detector, scene lighting, various ladders, hard suction tube, HAZMAT supplies, vehicle stabilization, and an Amkus Combination Tool are available on Engine 43-2. Engine 43-2 is first due engine for all structure fire and vehicle accident incidents within our coverage area.



Tanker 43 is a 1986 Mack (Refirbished in 2012) tanker with a 1500 gallon per minute pump and a 3000 gallon tank. The tanker carries 1000 feet of 5" supply line, 3000 gallon portable drop tank, 300 gallon per minute portable pump, trash pump, HAZMAT supplies, brush fire equipment, high rise pack, hard suction tube, ground ladders, various hand tools and is equipped as a class A pumper. Seating for 2 (SCBA for 3). Tanker 43 is second out for structure fires and brush fires where hydrants are not available.



Ladder 43 is a 1975 CF Mack 100' ladder truck with seating for 7 (SCBA for 6). SCBA is equipped with 25 feet of webbing. The Truck is equipped with numerous ground ladders, ventalation saw, various hand tools, generator, scene lighting, chimney chains and sweeps, overhaul equipment, rope bags, stokes basket, and backboad. Ladder 43 carries a master stream which hooks to the tip of the ladder for master stream operations. Ladder 43 is due on all structure fire assignments within our coverage area.



Squad 43 is a 1998 GMC Suburban with seating capacity for 8. Its primary use is for the transport of manpower and traffic control duties. The squad is also used for 4-wheel drive and medic assists. Squad 43-5 is equipped with bolt cutters, chain saw, sump pump, various hand tools, and traffic control equipment.




Rescue 43 is a 2007 Spartan/4Guys Heavy Rescue with seating for 10 (SCBA for 7). The Rescue is equipped with a 6 bottle high pressure cascade system. In conjuntion with the cascade system, the Rescue is equipped with a 60 Gallon Compressed Air Foam System with a hoseline off each side of the apparatus. Two Amkus electric power units are mounted on the appartus to allow the operation of four 100' hose reels to equip the apparatus with an Amkus spreader and cutter off each side. Additional equipment on the Rescue includes a 20' 6 head 120V light tower, 2-120V brow lights, additional scene lighting, thermal imager camera, MSA four gas meter, Junkyard Dog stabilizers, PARATECH rescue struts, highlift jacks, various cribbing, various hand tools, HAZMAT supplies including oil dry hopper with chute, water rescue equipment, trench rescue equipment, rope rescue equipment, numerous air bags, portable Amkus simo uinit, chainsaws, Cutters Edge cutoff saw, Amkus hydraulic ram set, 300' air shore line, BLS jumpbag, AED, back boards, stokes basket, additional EMS supplies, recip saws, additional power drills and saws, 3/8" and 1/2" chain for stabilization, 15,000# electric winch, portable winch, 2 150' electric cord reels, Rock-N-Rescue Hoseinflator, Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) equipment, and other various vehicle rescue equipment. Rescue 43 is first due on all vehicle accidents within our coverage area as well as entrapment jobs in neighboring municipalities. Rescue 43 is also due on structure fires in the coverage area as a support piece (cascade) and County wide for RIC assignments.